Aromas Group


About Our Story

Aromas Kitchen is a company registered and having its operations in Bangalore and Chennai since 2008. The primary reason to create the niche module was to provide Fresh, Hot, Healthy Food to people who are away from home and looking for Home like Food.

With Increasing Health Hazards, that we see in recent times due to many of our younger generation slowly moving to Junk Foods and Hotel Foods owing to non availability of healthy Home food options, We at Aromas Kitchen strive to bridge this issue and provide Healthy, Fresh, Hot Home cooked food with our varied menu options by bringing in lot of old Menus prepared by our earlier generations which are very Healthy and Delicious too.

The food is prepared in our Cloud Kitchen by the respective Cooking Experts and we offer both North and South Indian Meal Options in neatly packed meal materials. Lunch and Dinner are provided to customers as a onetime order / Weekly subscription or through a Monthly subscription model. Customers can order food by choosing dishes from a chef-crafted menu as per their choice.



Why Aromas Kitchen?